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I've kept a lot of journals over the years. Everything from diaries, to mismatched story notes, to shopping lists, to laughable doodles that should have never been attempted, and all things in between.

While conducting some belated spring cleaning this week, I stumbled upon a box housing a few of these notebooks. I'm very glad to see that my spelling has improved since middle school even though my handwriting has not. Something strange I noticed with the notebooks and their varying array of colored covers is the moods of the writings inside. I realized the darker the covers the moodier the insides were.

Sure, maybe the black leather notebook matched the already moodiness that comes from being a teenager. Or the blue one covered in dolphin stickers inspired my childhood obsession with ocean life. Or the opaque gray book matched the uncertainty that came with discovering my path in college. Or the golden book full of happy prose and whimsical questions mimicked the joyful energy of falling in love.

I'm not one to believe in coincidence, but I do by into color theory. Which may be why my current notebook is covered with yellow sunflowers.

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