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  • Jordan Keller

Dog Walk Thoughts: Sunsets

Are you ever homesick for a season? Have you tried to recall a memory you know you don't have? Tried to grab hold of a feeling you've only felt second hand and become jealous of those who've experienced the full force of it? For me, those seasons, those memories, those chained-smoked feelings are all summer. Summer at sunset to be exact. The fleeting shine of the the disappearing sun, how the gold stretches' across the horizon and blips around tall trees blackened by its fire. Its the laughter of friends bounded so tightly it makes one forget that they are not family. That they are not the same, multi-headed entity sharing the same heart. Its the allure of the nightly threat of sunrise, the promise of another sunset. The same sun, the same sky, the same evoking of feelings, but a different form of beauty. One so beautiful it makes you forget the previous and long for the next. The vail between words must be the thinnest at sunset, because that is when one feels the most magic.

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